Post Modern Family

May 25, 2014

A 2013 study released by New York Life of 2,000 Americans examined Americans’ financial and family values. The study asked respondents what they would be willing to exchange for a 50% pay increase. The study beamed that “very few” Americans would trade time off with their family. Despite these trying economic times, societal degradation, and moral decay, apparently Americans still value their families! America is okay after all, right?

Let’s look at the actual numbers. Of those surveyed, 43% of people would give up activities or hobbies for the 50% raise, and 35% would give up vacation time. 30% would give up sleep time every night… Fine, but 54% said they would give up evenings off from work! I don’t know too many folks spending their evenings at work who spend a lot of time with their family–and 54% is a strong majority. 45% said they would spend less time with their friends for more money–okay, but 20% said they would spend less time with their spouse (and these are just the people who admit it!).

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Patton’s Talk With God

June 5, 2013


The article “Patton’s Talk With God” by Lt. Colonel Jack Widmer appeared in the December 1947 issue of True Magazine. On the anniversary of D-Day, this is a great example of the fighting spirit of the men and women who served in the face of true evil, the power of prayer, and how God answers all prayers–be the answer “yes”, “no”, “wait a little bit”, or “watch this”, as it was at Bastogne. God accepts all prayer, through His Son–even Patton’s unusually blunt and perhaps irreverent offering. He knows the contents of our hearts, and in answering prayer, however that prayer is made, God’s ultimate plan is better than even we could ask for.

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