Is the Republican Party Becoming Too American?  (2/4/2010)

ORNL’s National Importance Highlights Knoxville’s Pre-eminence

Thoughts on Election 2012 (12/5/2012)

Shark Week Attack on Todd Akin: GOP Eating Their Own (8/24/2012)

Five V.P. Candidates Romney Should Avoid Five He Should Embrace (8/11/2012)

Candidate Catchphrase – Obama Unintentionally Frames Election (7/27/2012)

Greek Election Today Will Have Ripple Effect Across Globe (6/17/2012)

The Impact of Osama Bin Laden’s Death – Election of 2012 & Obama Approval Rating (5/13/2011)

Knee-Jerks (1/13/2011)

Lie-Detection and Profiling Key to Airport Security? (11/19/2010)

The Un-American President (5/25/2010)

Arizona is Fine–What’s the Matter With the Rest of You? (5/9/2010)

Gay Activists Call the Kettle Black (4/28/2010)

Who Are the True Radicals? (4/14/2010)

ACORN – A Really Bad Sci-Fi Flick (3/31/2010)

Passing Gas (3/25/2010)

March Madness (3/19/2010)

U.S. Senseless 2010 (3/12/2010)

Is Your Name On It? (2/6/2010)

Obama’s State of Confusion (2/1/2010)

On Conservatism and the Constrained Man (1/30/2010)

Beau Knows (1/28/2010)

CRIPPLED (1/23/2010)

Lessons To Be Learned From the R.M.S. Titanic (1/19/2010)

A Form Letter For America’s Youth (1/18/2010

The Shot Heard ‘Round the World (1/17/2010)

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark (12/18/2009)

A “Cash for Clunkers” Program America Can Truly Embrace (12/18/2009)

Snail Mail Needs a Redux (8/25/2009)

Conservative Solutions to Liberal Problems (Part II) (8/25/2009)

Conservative Solutions to Liberal Problems (Part I) (7/30/2009)

The Dirty Little Secret of Socialized Medicine (7/24/2009)

Give Him A Chance! (7/13/2009)

Treatment of Palin Indicative of a Party in Disrepair (7/8/2009)

On the Other Hand… (7/4/2009)

On Bi-Partisanship (7/29/2009)

Better Off Today Than Tomorrow Under Barack Obama (6/22/2009)

Open Letter to President Obama (3/24/2009)

In “Stimulus” Battle, A Costly Victory for Democrats (2/7/2009)


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