Culture Thinks You’re Un-American (6/29/2014)

Post Modern Family (5/28/2014)

Enough, Thanksgiving Day Pharisees (11/28/2013)

Patton’s Talk With God (6/5/2013)

The Futures of the Past (2/13/2013)

The Boy Scouts of America: An Oath That Needs Updating (12/12/12)

Kumar, Aide to Obama is Robbed (4/22/2010)

Working Toward a More Sterile Tomorrow (3/19/2010)

Vancouver 2010:  An Olympic Error (2/23/2010)

Healthy Choice:  More Fast Food In Schools (2/11/2010)

True Super Bowl Ad Controversy (2/8/2010)

A Form Letter for America’s Youth (1/18/2010)

Happiness in America: A Matter of Faith (1/14/2010)

Revelations May Render Cameron’s Avatar Message Irrelevant (1/3/2010)

The Unhappiest State in America (12/19/2009)


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