The Apathetic Christian

When someone says they don’t follow politics or get involved in civics because they are Christians and are concerned most about the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore shouldn’t be concerned with the things of this world… I can’t help but think to myself… Do you know who won the Bachelor?

Are you glued to Royal Wedding/Baby/Bar Mitzvah coverage?

Can you recite the starting lineups of your favorite football teams or the cast of sitcoms?

What about the latest fashions, fads or hit songs?

Can we agree, then, that it is more likely that you personally just don’t care about politics? Don’t dress it up with any higher purpose than that, please. I do have questions for you, though, as a Christian who is disengaged civically but knows all of the lyrics to “Call Me, Maybe”: Which activity do you think is more likely to impact someone else’s life? Politics, or Glee?  And, just because you aren’t involved in politics yourself, do you think that precludes politics from becoming interested in you? Many Christians are finding that not to be the case, these days.  The hard way.

On the flip side, you shouldn’t be able to name your State Representative or know how many members of Congress there are, but not be able to name the Beatitudes, or to articulate the Gospel. If we claim to be Christians but our religion is informed by our preferences, and our views are conversely not informed by that faith, then we have just crafted an idol for ourselves to worship–not a real, reflective faith. Be informed in all the important areas of life. Just a thought.


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