Greek Election Today Will Have Ripple Effect Across Globe

The Greek people saved the free world a few different times throughout history. At Marathon, Salamis, and Thermopylae, for example. Today the Greeks, no longer quite free (nor for that matter any type of example for civilized society) stand poised with the chance to save it again. They vote, in essence for coalition governments that will either accept the terms of Germany’s bail out plan and the austerity measures contained therein, or for continued spending on entitlements and freeloading off of the productive parts of Europe, all but assuring they will be jettisoned from the Eurozone and begin a disintegrating spiral for the rest of Europe’s financial institutions.

Today’s election has pretty resounding implications for the world–whether the European Union survives, whether whole nations commit geopolitical suicide and whether the global economy sinks back into full-scale recession. Greece wears the suicide belt today, but if the liberals win in their elections today (most recent exit polls show the two leading parties to be tied heading to the ballot box), they will take half of Europe with them and the explosion will reach across the Atlantic.

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