Thoughts on the Winners and Losers of the South Carolina GOP Primary Debate

1. Herman CainWinner. The most interesting and well spoken candidate, and an outsider among insiders. A strong defense of the Fair Tax and excellent answers all around.

2. Sen. Rick SantorumWinner.  A Close second. Very good answers. Great defense of the position that fiscal and social conservatism, as well as liberty are intricately linked. He was pressed on his social conservatism and made a spirited defense.

3. Gov. Tim PawlentyLoser.  Too polished. Has Mitt Romney-itis, in that he does not come off as genuine, but has less resources. An animatronic candidate may have been a suitable replacement. Had some answers that he was a little too prepared for. Dodged questions where answering honestly might hurt him. His record as a moderate precedes him.

4. Rep. Ron PaulWinner.  Paul has many good points and it is unfortunate that he isn’t taken more seriously. However, his supporters are often nuts which leads to his marginalization as a joke candidate. Additionally, the things that Rep. Paul is wrong on are critical to national security.

5. Gov. Gary JohnsonLoser.  Poor. Not viable, using his own words (referencing his support of abortion). His candidacy should be terminated immediately to prevent further embarrassment.

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