Lie-Detection and Profiling Key to Airport Security?

The solution to America’s airport security issues may lie in the Middle-East–no, not vaporizing the terrorists before they can even get here, although that is a neat idea. Israel is offering many effective methods for deterring, and stopping terror in the skies.

DHS’s newly ‘perpetrated’ directives to TSA regarding naked scanning and enhanced pat downs in airport screenings have created an riotous outcry from the public. Add to that potential health problems caused by the naked scanners, the alternative groping, and the fact that at best, the additional grope scanning only applies to 20% of randomly selected nuns and toddlers. This means that 80% of terrorists with PETs strapped to their crotches will still get through security. I think 100% of suicide jihadists will take those odds 100% of the time.

However, why randomly select flyers to be microwaved for national security when we can profile the biggest threats, like most successful outfits around the world (how many terrorist attacks has TSA stopped again?). While profiling based on traditional criminal and counterintelligence protocols may be a pipe dream at this point, the Israeli’s offer another possible route to employ in the fight against underwear bombers.

Israeli scientists have developed, and Russia is testing a new lie-detection device called GK-1, which analyzes undetectable voice stress in response to routine questioning to winnow those with ill intent from the peaceful passengers.

The device, developed by Nemesysco and to be sold at between $10,000 and $30,000, I heard discussed in a recent Interrogation Training course. Passengers don headphones and are asked to provide the exact name on the identification provided to the security screener at the console. As the screener looks on, they are asked “yes” or “no” questions regarding their intents for the aircraft and the flights.

Uncontrollable and undetectable to the naked ear, voice tremors betray the true intentions of liars in 30-75 seconds. If you pass, you go on with minimal screening. Fail, and the liar is subject to more intensive screening. Out of 500 passengers in testing, the GK-1 machine was able to detect the one passenger planning something illegal. Not bad, and it can’t be worse than the 20% naked booty scanning machine.  You’re welcome, Napolitano.


David Teesdale, thinks that TSA takes naked pictures of thousands of people every day to get on a flights, and it only provides 20% chance of catching a dude with PETs.  It isn’t worth it. All or nothing. A simple solution as airports work to get my lie detector idea implemented: Everybody does the scan, and you have someone more qualified and discreet than your average TSA worker–say, a retired doctor/cable guy review the images.  It’s professional and secure.  Yes.

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