Truth – The Most Dangerous Deception

It is said that one of the most powerful tools the devil has is that of using truth to tear down.  Perhaps this is true.  Of all the untruths president Obama has foisted upon the American people in the dismal two years since he was inaugurated, it is perhaps the truths that he utters that are the most deceptive and dangerous. Like, when on the campaign trail, Obama told Americans that 95% of Americans would see a net tax decrease during his Administration, he didn’t tell you that he’d simply change the names of his tax increases to something else entirely, like credits, fees, fines and caps. No one in America would pay less, unless that is, you were one of the 49% of tax-payers who, uh, didn’t actually pay any taxes to begin with!

When Obama reassured America that “”If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period.” Obama was technically being truthful, though artfully so. In the two years since Obama assumed office (and his dubious distinction of being the first socialist president in American history), my health-insurance premiums, like those of many of my colleagues, have tripled. My deductibles have tripled, and my co-pays have increased five-fold. In fact, as my wife and I were examining our Open Enrollment options, it became readily clear that this year for the first time it would probably make more financial sense for us to go without health insurance at all.

But of course, this was the Obama plan all along: “Yes, you can technically keep your health care, *snicker, snicker*, if you like it. Obamacare will not force you into a public option, *suckers*. By no means will you have to leave your insurer, if you like them. *Instead, we will just make it incredibly stupid to carry private health-insurance by raising the operating costs on your insurance company to unsustainable levels*”

Thank you so much, President Barry.  Isn’t this what we’ve been warning of all along?

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