The Un-American President

A movie derived from Barack Obama's presidency is not one I care to see. How about you?

Michael Douglas’ portrayal of president Andrew Shepherd in the 1995 romantic-comedy The American President fully encapsulated the distracted and whimsical state of presidential politics that real-life president Bill Clinton practiced at that time. This romanticized version of the American presidency was rooted in some order of truth—the presidency in the Nineties was all about a womanizing megalomaniac who was too preoccupied by his personal dalliances to meddle with policy. That is, policy beyond that which would effect his approval rating. Leo Solomon, played by John Mahoney, perfectly embodied the political meme of the day with his shallow line: “politics is perception.” Derivative? Yeah, it was. But that was what it took for president Bill Clinton to sustain his personal brothel at 1600 Pennsylvania—surviving only through his penchant for buoying his poll numbers with staged walks on the beach and puffing out his lower lip.

So what would a movie about the Obama Administration be like? Well…

“In an era where Americans are feared by those who don’t understand them, one man stands between America’s enemies and the people who seek to destroy their way of life. Donga Obongo, the charismatic newly-elected president raised in a foreign land, educated amongst radical communist student organizations, and utterly devoid of private sector employment history, aims to reshape America’s domestic and international agenda in ways no one would ever expect. Obongo has moved to centralize government control of industry, stagnate growth, and capitulate to foes around the globe. Coming to theaters near you in January 2009.”


Not quite a blockbuster.

The sad state of things is that real-president Barack Obama is far more dangerous than Bill Clinton. Clinton just wanted to do his own thing—and maybe a few other things… In any case, Obama is not content without being in your business, my business—everybody’s business—as evidenced by his sweeping ‘reforms’ to health care, the economy, and now to American foreign policy.


Cadets listen as President Barack Obama speaks about the war in Afghanistan at the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Barack Obama swept to office promising to right the ills of the evil Bush, who acted unilaterally and alienated our allies—he would also shut down Guantanamo, get out of Iraq, and maybe even get the U.S. out of Afghanistan—oh, and by the way, he was going to make everyone that hated us love us again. After all, Obama proudly proclaimed that he is a “citizen of the world,” as we learned when his rock tour stopped in Berlin in 2008. Going on two years later, Guantanamo? Still open. Afghanistan? Doubled down. Iraq? Yep, still there—and, following exactly the plans laid out by the Bush Administration.

The president in a recent speech at West Point  though quipped that “our adversaries would like to see America sap its strength by overextending our power.” The implication is that our military is being stretched to its limits and our adversaries, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and radical Islam are all giddy. This view is misguided. The view, first of all, is un-American in its implication that America is in the business of extending its power. When we conquered Japan, we gave it back. When we conquered West Germany, Italy and France? Gave em’ back. Panama? Gave it back. The Philippines? Yep, gave it back. Cuba? Gave it back. Iraq? Well by golly, aren’t we pulling out after we spent our blood and treasure liberating the sand pile? Even Obama’s implications about our enemies are misguided. Rest assured, the Taliban and Al Qaeda are not happy that they are being slaughtered. On the contrary, When the Roman Empire overextended itself and collapsed, the Barbarians that they were subjugating and conquering were not jumping for joy.  Neither are radical Islamists.


Obama bowing to one of his many suitors.

And how is the apology tour to our enemies going? Alienating our allies in order to woo our enemies has gone swimmingly! The president has insulted our closest allies, the Brits, by giving them a crappy DVD set that wouldn’t work on British DVD players and an Ipod for their 83 year old Queen full of a collection of… Obama’s speeches (and she already had an Ipod). As for our next closest ally, the Israelis, Obama has repeatedly brow-beaten their leaders and blatantly snubbed Benjamin Netanyahu on his visit to the U.S.

On the other hand, Obama has apologized to the Chinese for Arizona’s Immigration law, while they uphold their mandatory abortion and human quota policies and totalitarian human rights violations. He has engaged with Iran, while they continue to enrich their uranium. Obama has also brought the U.S. into negotiations to deal with the more “moderate” elements of the Iranian terrorist arm, Hezbollah. Obama has been similarly chummy with Hugo Chavez, who interestingly still hates America just as much as when Bush was president—except now we have a president who is a charter member of Chavez’s book of the month club. At least that embargo has been loosened against Castro’s Cuba as they hurl insults at the U.S., right?

So what is the score? Well, All of our enemies still hate us and are trying to kill us. However, Israel has publicly spat at the Administration and the U.K. has even hinted that they no longer consider U.K.-U.S. relations to be the “special relationship” coined by Winston Churchill. Fitting, somehow, that the first “post-American president” should stray so far from wooing our traditional allies who are on the side of freedom, by catering to our tyrannical foes.


The Ipod for Her Majesty was one of many gift gaffes by Obama, including a terrible DVD set which he gave to Gordon Brown in 2009.

American presidents have always spoken softly and carried a big stick. The metaphor is meant to symbolize America’s firmness and restraint. However, no president has ever waged war on America’s sovereignty the way Obama plans to. In his speech to West Point graduates this week Obama crooned about his new world order: “the international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times.” Obama went on to detail the international social safety net that he envisions and that we have seen fail so spectacularly on a smaller scale in Greece, the U.K., France, and more parochially in New Jersey, New York and California. Obama still speaks softly—to our enemies. The stick,on the other hand, is reserved for whacking wildly at our allies for no apparent reason.

Perhaps the greatest insult of all occurred when president Obama invited Mexican president Felipe Calderon to address Congress and White House officials.  Calderon addressed the stupid Americans and ripped the new Arizona Immigration Law either ignorantly or maliciously. Congressional Democrats, who never afforded their own president Bush such a courtesy during State of the Union addresses, leaped to their feet in an uproarious standing ovation that lasted fifteen seconds. Instead of defending his countrymen, Obama, along with Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano (who admitted they have not read the law), also rose in applause. Obama promptly apologized to Calderon for America’s uncultured and unsophisticated people. This act of support for a foreign leader’s attack of the American people in such a slanderous and dangerous way on American soil, let alone at the White House and on Capitol Hill, is a slap in the face. That the president agrees with him is flat out un-American, and this movie does not reflect American values in 2010.  Obama is not the post-American president, he is the Un-American President.

David Teesdale, is a lovable young conservative exiled to the South from his Yankee roots in New York State.  For many reasons, of course, not the least of which is that his lovely city of Utica, NY is rated the fourth worst place in America for business and careers.  Knoxville, his new home is in the top 100 places to live, by contrast. Comment below.

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