Gay Activists Call the Kettle Black

How is it pursuit of "equality" to demand special treatment from the military? Just ask G.I. Jane how it is done.

April 20th was a busy day. Stoners around the world lit up on 4-20, Kal Penn gets robbed while doing the walk of shame in Dupont Circle, and gay veterans handcuffed themselves to the fence outside of the White House in order to protest… uh… the… fact that homosexuals can serve in the military, so long as they don’t wear mesh t-shirts, cross dress and jam to Elton John ballads while they are in Basic. Gay activists have become increasingly militant in their attempts to berate and blackmail the current Administration into turning don’t ask don’t tell into ask, tell, and flout sexuality. They are demanding that gays be allowed to flamboyantly serve in the armed forces, and somehow manage to equate this cause to a civil rights crusade, while it is really nothing more than a hypocritical pursuit of validation.

While I am all for civil rights, and I don’t even really care if gays serve in the military, I feel I must point out a few things. First of all, there is nothing inherently unequal in not allowing gays to serve in the military, since the servicemen and women in the military are governed by different laws about inalienable rights than the general public. However, gays are allowed to serve in the military, so long as they don’t flout their sexuality, since the whole point of the “don’t ask” in don’t ask don’t tell is that military brass are not going to inquire about whether you wear pink combat undies. The military claims it lowers morale. And the Defense Department gets to decide that. They don’t just discriminate in this case against gays, but against any real individualism, and many forms of sexual expression.

Killer mustaches don't make up for your draconian discrimination against bi-sexuals, which reek of Jim Crow and segregation, sirs!

What gay activists are after in this cause (as in the gay marriage debate also) is not equality. Homosexuals have equality. What they are after is acceptance of their lifestyle by society, and coercing the government to legislate acceptance is no way to actually gain acceptance. Tolerance is one thing, and it is their right under the Constitution. I am sure these are good people and all, but the American people and the military have the right to deem behavior unacceptable or immoral, just as gays have the right to engage in that behavior. No amount of coercion and picketing and disrupting of church services will change that.

Gay activists in this battle are not the freedom fighters and conscientious objectors that the media and their own cohorts on the liberal left make them out to be. Even as Lt. Dan Choi and his merry men handcuffed themselves to the White House grounds on April 20th and got major media play, another, more telling and highly ironic scene was playing itself out in Seattle, Washington and putting on display the hypocritical nature of gay activists’ cause celebre.

Three bi-sexual men are suing the National Gay-Athletic Organization over their second place team’s disqualification in the 2008 Gay Softball World Series, held in Seattle. Here’s the rub:  The gay softball series, which is hilarious for me to even imagine, sets a limit on how many heterosexual players may compete on each team.  These three gentlemen were disqualified following their second place finish and barred from the series for a year for not being gay enough. Steve, LaRon, and Jon explain that after a rival team complained, that the three men were hauled in front of a room of 25 people and asked “personal and intrusive” questions. At the end of the questioning, the consensus was that the men were bi-sexual, not gay (difference?), and that the event was the “Gay [Softball] World Series, not the Bi-Sexual World Series.”  Strike three?

I couldn't think of any other photos to include so here it is: the new KFC Double Down, which is made of bacon strips covered in two types of cheese, and slapped between two slabs of fried chicken. Disgusting.

I don’t think that I have to point out that even holding an event called the “Gay Softball World Series” which discriminates against such “Non-gays” as these bi-sexual men flies in the face of activist cries of un-constitutional discrimination by the Armed Forces, nevermind the fact that they are actively disqualifying gay people who aren’t gay enough.  To boot, they don’t even employ a don’t ask, don’t tell policy!  Though, it should be noted, there has  probably been more animosity in the gay community toward bi-sexuals than there is in the straight community against homosexuals of any stripe, from what I have heard and experienced.

The Seattle lawsuit reveals that when gays are fighting the man for the right to love another man, they aren’t fighting for any rights that they don’t already have, and they are certainly willing to discriminate within their own ranks. What they are really fighting for is acceptance. I can sympathize with that. We all want to be accepted. But when they resort to coercion and calling out of their political foes to attempt to obtain this, what they are really doing is calling the kettle black. On 4-20, that was no way for a pot to act.

David Teesdale, is a southerner born and raised in the northeast. No drawl, but he does have the affinity for soul food. Comment here.

2 Responses to Gay Activists Call the Kettle Black

  1. DavidJ84 says:

    I absolutely despise groups that claim they are discriminated against and then demand special treatment and form their own schools, leagues, or teams. “Black College Football” leagues exist despite the fact that some of the highest paid and most beloved players in the NFL are black. Minority education grants and scholarships are all over the place that exclude whites. And now this issue you mentioned with gays in the military, an organization that relies on a lack of individuality to operate effectively… Racism and bigotry will continue to exist as long as these “victims of discrimination” encourage a divided culture. Why not an indiscriminate football league or a baseball series that doesn’t care about or acknowledge your sexual preference?

  2. Totally agree. If they want equal rights than they should be treated as equal. If someone made a straight or white softball league they will be called bigots but it is perfectly fine for them to made a gay softball league.

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