Kumar, Aide to Obama is Robbed:

Kal Penn's character ended his role as Kutnar on FOX's House by shooting himself in the head--which, you could say he pretty much also did to his career when he went to the White House as Associate Director of Nothingness.

The pillar of media integrity that is TMZ recently broke the story that actor Kal Penn, from such film classics as Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and Harold and Kumar 2: Escape From Guantanamo, was robbed at gunpoint at the 1500 block of S St. to EW in the single greatest irony in the history of 4/20 (the day typically designated for stoners to light up). Kumar, the co-star of the low budget stoner films, which weren’t even funny when I was in college, was an ardent supporter of Barack Obama’s presidential bid and abdicated his role on the FOX TV show House in 2009 to take a position as an aide within the Obama Administration. He also had his wallet and other belongings taken by his assailant.

We get Ronald Reagan, they get... Kumar?

I don’t know what the big deal is about this–I mean, after all, Kumar, as most stoners do, supports Barack Obama’s neo-socialist policies, right? Isn’t this alleged robber really just redistributing Penn’s wealth–err–I’m sorry, “spreading the wealth”… That’s the term Obama uses, right? At least this assailant has some “skin in the game” now, and the gunman didn’t pretend to be doing some great good for the country while doing it.

I’m not making light of the situation, as Mr. Penn’s life was in very serious danger, I am sure–however, I just can’t fathom how he was robbed at gunpoint, since from my recollection, I thought that guns were banned in the Washington, D.C. city limits? How’d that happen?  How did a gun get into the hands of a criminal despite the law barring him from possessing one?

Barack Obama leaned on Penn heavily in 2008 to mobilize the ever elusive voting bloc of stoners nationwide, sweeping Obama to office and resulting in a pretty sweet plumb job for Penn.

I’m just glad Kumar is okay. After all, when the third Harold and Kumar comes out this summer what would the world come to without a stoner from the White House playing lead? Fortunate  for me that conservatives have Ronald Reagan and liberals get Kumar.

My question is, though:  why was an aide to Obama out walking Dupont Circle at 1:20 AM? Was he trying to find a White Castle? Sorry dude, closest one is all the way in Jersey. Get your munchies-fix elsewhere. I hear there is a Real ORIGINAL Jumbo Pizza place there near Dupont that you might try, Kal.

David Teesdale, would like to remind everyone that Earth Day was founded by a convicted murderer on Lenin’s birthday.  Happy Earth Day.  Comment here.

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