Who Are the True Radicals?

Here we can see the peaceful dissent exercised by moonbat protesters at the G-20 in Pittsburgh.

Fringe. Racist. Monochromatic. Astro-turf. Circus act.  Cult.  Timothy McVeigh Wannabes. Teabaggers. These are the epithets used by liberals in the last year to describe the grassroots movement that was ignited after Obama was elected as a moderate and immediately began governing as a leftist in 2009. Liberals who (inexplicably) after eight years under Bush, revering dissent as the highest form of patriotism, have suddenly become offended by the ‘unpatriotic’ assembly of citizens to protest taxes.  This has all been part of a narrative that the left has tried to sow in the media and in the minds of the silent majority. The problem is that the silent majority is actually the Tea Party that they aim to denigrate so.

Last month, as the health care bill was being forced down America’s throat, Congressional Democrats locked arms in some type of faux-civil rights march and traipsed across the Mall and through throngs of Tea Party protesters to vote. Of course, the objective was to incite the Tea Partiers into violence or aggression of some kind in order to sway public opinion back toward the tyrants. Unfortunately for Democrats, Tea Partiers, unlike their liberal counterparts, were quite docile. So much so, in fact, that John Lewis, Barney Frank and other Democrats had to make up claims of insulting words and spitting incidents that video evidence later proved were never hurled from the Tea Partiers to the Looney Toons.

So, where are all these fringe right wing extremist groups that leftist media outlets like CNN have demagogued about so often of late?  Well, the knuckle draggers are crawling all over the place!  Everyone should remember the Weather Underground and the government buildings that they bombed, including the Pentagon, right?  Err, you mean to tell me those were liberals?  Well, that was years ago.  Things have changed.  Johnny Lee Wicks, for example.  His right wing rage and racism led him to open fire in a Las Vegas courthouse just this year…  Except that his rage was more or less related to the fact that his welfare check from the State of Nevada wasn’t as big as it was from California.  Okay, moving on…  How about how every G-20 World Trade Summit is disrupted by violent riots?  Woops, again liberals–unless you are getting your news from MSNBC.  Then they are merely “boisterous”.  Perhaps CNN meant to refer to Eric Cantor’s campaign headquarters, which was shot at in the wake of the health care vote…  Except that Cantor is a Republican.

From S.E.I.U. thugs, who brutally beat a disabled black conservative named Kenneth Gladney during the health care town halls, to Black Panthers standing with clubs intimidating McCain voters outside of polling places in 2008, to the slashing of G.O.P. “get-out-the-vote” vans and other town hall antics, including one liberal who literally bit the finger off of another man at a town hall protest last year, the narrative becomes a little clearer: of all the violence and name calling that goes on during these trying times, liberals seem to be the ones most involved in acts of violence.

Since the Democrat Party is the Party of the KKK, segregation, Jim Crow and the Trail of Tears, it is funny how they always seem to try to paint conservatives as racists when they lose debates. Remember, argument by invective is the surest sign you’ve lost an argument already.

Brandon Darby, a former leftist activist himself, is proof.  As an FBI informant, Darby helped thwart the planned terrorist attack by liberals on the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minnesota.  Never heard of it?  Maybe because the media was too busy focusing your attention on two skin heads who got drunk and tried to drive to the Democratic Convention to kill Barack Obama.  Darby has also detailed his dealings with eco-terrorist groups, radical feminists and black nationalists.  A Townhall editorial by Matt Vadum on Darby’s work as an informant also explains how Darby was approached by leftists to rob an armored car and to commit arson to combat gentrification in cities.  After Darby informed on the Texas group of terrorists, called Austin Affinity Group, police confiscated gas masks, slingshots, helmets, knee pads, and eight Molotov cocktails made from tampons.  Save the jokes, I’ve already made them all in my head.  It seems as though liberals’ aversion to guns never stops them from resorting to violence–stones, bricks, paint, slingshots, and apparently, bombs made from tampons.  Great job, guys.

Liberals, from ACORN founder Wade Rathke to the New York Times labeled Darby a rat, for those of you interested in whether the leftist terrorist plot was ever “denounced,”  as so many have asked Republicans to do to the Tea Party for their unproven incidents of hate speech.  While Timothy McVeigh is rightfully vilified, convicted murderers Mumia-Abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier have developed a following of proselytizing statists and liberal radicals.

In the wake of the health care power-grab by Democrats, the media is the Democrats’ most useful tool in trying to reframe a debate they already lost. Liberals are trying their best, as they have since 2008’s campaign, to depict opposition to Obama as racist or bigoted. All I have to say is: “takes one to know one.”

What of Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security memo last year regarding the threat of right wing extremist violence?  The animated but peaceful Tea Party protests have yet to result in the extremism foretold in the memo targeting Obama’s political foes…  So they produce it themselves.  Jason Levin is a leftist activist who apparently cannot play by the rules but much prefers those of Saul Alinsky.  He has outlined a plan  on his website to, in lieu of actually debating Tea Partiers, infiltrate the organization and, with the help of the mainstream media, try to act in a bigoted or stupid manner by holding up misspelled signs and hurling their own racist insults.

This despicable display by liberal anti-war protesters during the Bush presidency was all too often seen during my days in D.C. And, now that I think of it, rarely condemned. Weird.

As an activist who has attended the Tea Party rallies I am well aware of this plot by leftists.  Four in ten in the Tea Party are Democrats or independents and the demographics of the Tea Party are–surprise–pretty much in line with the racial and ideological demographics of mainstream America, according to Gallup.  Of course, I already knew that, since I have actually been to the rallies instead of watching cherry picked footage from the self-fulfilling media outlets out there like CNN.  Though, now that I think of it, since no one besides folks stuck in airport terminals or government waiting rooms actually watches CNN, maybe we are safer from their thought pollution than I first imagined.

As the media and Democrats wail and complain about extremism and radicalism on the right, it will be important going forward to remember that while the tree of liberty must, from time to time be refreshed with the blood of patriots and of tyrants, that by and large, most of the the violence is seen from anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, anti-gun, anti-fur or anti-christian nuts and for every “Christian militia” that gets busted by the FBI and are pilloried on MSNBC for two weeks, there are two or three or four or five union beatings, student riots, race crimes, eco-terror attacks, or free-trade attacks–all perpetrated by leftists.  There are crazies on both sides–but only one side deludes itself into believing that theirs is the side of moderation, while at the same time holding up signs that read “I support the troops–that shoot their officers.”

Sorry, but it resembles the same frothing, uncouth and juvenile attacks lobbed at Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign which have been unrelenting to present.  The attempts to smear and besmirch are in vain, which liberals will learn in November.

David Teesdale, wonders how many leftists he can get to respond with examples of “right wing” kooks.  Remember, lone wolf folks who are simply anti-government and want to be left alone to do unspeakable things to farm animals do not equate to the litany of ‘community organizers’ who have this affinity toward throwing things that blow up at people they disagree with politically.  Comment here.  I dare you.

UPDATE:The  April 15th Tea Party protests erupted in violence on Thursday–wait, no–I got that wrong–liberal thugs brutally beat a GOP activist and her boyfriend after a Louisiana Tea Party fundraiser–breaking her leg and knocking him out.  On Friday, Bill Clinton slinked out of his cave to try to link the Tea parties to violence like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing…  If only Willy had read my blog he wouldn’t look so foolish.

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