March Madness

This could be the final four days of March Madness in the health care debate. If the House passes the Senate bill, the Senate can use a bare majority in the unconstitutional reconciliation process to put the bill on the president's desk, the very next day.

The madness this March is not on the hardwood, it is in the halls of Congress (though the madness in my bracket is palpable). Democrats are faced with certain electoral doom whether they pass their health care take over or whether the amorphous and shadowy entity known as ‘Health Care Reform’ whithers on the vine. So, they reason, why not ram through their plans to eventually nationalize all of America’s health care system? After all, since liberal socialists have been gunning for an opportunity like this since 1913, what is losing the House and Senate in one measly electoral cycle?

Democrats have ignored the will of the people, the constitution, and the House and Senate rules, and have set a precedent, that despite their farcical claims, has never been attempted before. Plans to combine the Senate and House passed health bills have to date been stymied by a filibuster supported by 60-70% of Americans. So the Democrats have deigned to use reconciliation, or the “nuclear option,” as it was called when Democrats opposed it. Typically a budgetary measure, Democrats wish to use this tactic as a slight of hand maneuver to force through unpopular legislation without adhering to the rules of the Senate, and to bypass the filibuster.

It is no wonder, then, why the Democrats wish to pass the bill the weekend that almost all of America’s vast not-so-silent-anymore majority will be glued to the drama and suspense of the NCAA tournament. If passed–if you really want to call not voting on a bill that doesn’t exist and pretending it is law ”passing”–Democrats are counting on the usually sleepy weekend news cycle, which will be focused intensely on Syracuse’s imminent National Championship run, to gloss over just how the bill will be passed. Instead, they expect the media to give them a victory lap on Monday, and to see a victorious president Obama receive a bounce in the polls.

However, the polls tell a different story. Rasmussen has the president at his lowest approval rating ever (and the bill is closer than ever to being passed–hmm), and other polling firms are not far behind. The moment this bill is passed, Republicans are given a neatly wrapped gift for the election cycle–campaigning to repeal this unconstitutional and immoral usurpation of the public and the founders’ wills.

The narcissistic Obama health care logo doesn't look at all like the Nazi reichsadler. No, absolutely not... Right?

But it won’t be that easy. Even if the House and Senate are flipped to the Republicans, obtaining a filibuster-proof majority in order to repeal the health care grab is impossible. And, even if Republicans resort to the same un-lawful precedent that the Democrats plan to set, Obama sits in the Oval Office waiting to veto any repeal of the Health-Care Socialization Act. Without a two-third majority in both houses, the Health-Care Craziness Bill will remain the ‘law’ of the land for some time.

Thus, it is pivotal that we act now, and act with urgency to pester undecideds and decideds alike among our Congressmen. If you’ve never called your Congressman before, now is the time. If you don’t, Democrats plan to obliterate the Rule of Law and to ram through this unprecedented seizure of one-sixth of the American economy, and to tear down the last bastion of freedom in the civilized world.  If you think this bill is the end game for secular liberals in their plan for America, you are wrong.  If they get health care, they will not stop there.  They will continue to push for their Utopia, and we will all be worse for it.  Remain prayerful, and hopefully the adage that a minority in Congress, plus the majority of the American people, equals a majority.

David Teesdale, likens the current situation in Congress to the dramatic scenes in ‘Fern Gully’ and ‘Avatar’ where the lumber corporation and evil industrialists loomed over the last precious vestiges of the rain forest. Now is the time for action. Save the blue fairies.

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