Patterson on the Brink

NY Governor David Patterson will forever be SNL's caricature of the Patternator. No matter how corrupt, Patterson will remain comical and benign in the role of hapless executive.

New York’s political problems don’t bother me so much for some reason. It actually is a little comical. The fact that Elliot Spitzer and David Patterson should be locked up doesn’t really get me all hot and bothered–probably because in New York State, the political boss who replaces the scandal plagued mobster before him is usually worse. New York State (especially upstate) is a great state with the worst political body in the Nation. Charlie Rangel, Spitzer, Patterson, Arcuri, Cuomo, Schumer… Will New York ever get its federalism together and throw the bums out? With many with the will to drain the swamp, fleeing to other states, will anyone be left? Youth and talent are siphoned into the South and West. New York is crumbling before our very eyes. The Empire State will soon follow the example set for it by all empires from epochs past.

One Response to Patterson on the Brink

  1. blue cross says:

    I believe Patterson is the only person of the last few years to stand up to the uber liberal NYC left that has put our state under massive amount of debt and spending we can’t afford. They scream about wall street but need the tax revenue from their bonus’s to pay for all their over price over abused liberal spending programs. How can anyone justify a state of 19 Million spending more than a state of 35 and 28 million COMBINED in medicaid???

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