True Super Bowl Ad Controversy

The Tebow ad was not very well written and rather disappointing, for this pro-life advocate, but was apparently enough to get the busy bodies at NOW all in a tizzy. Brilliant baiting of the old grizzlies at NOW into being the vehicle for pro-life P.R.

The Tim and Pam Tebow ad during the Super Bowl this Sunday may have done more for the pro-life movement than any other single ad for the pro-life cause ever could.  The ad exposed the ‘pro-choice’ movement for the anti-life movement that it is.  Weeks of whining and wailing voices from anti-life movement fixtures such as the National Organization for Women about the ad’s offensiveness and inappropriateness have highlighted that the anti-life movement is about anything but “choice.”  By staunchly opposing the airing of an ad by the Tebows which obliquely encourages women to choose life rather than abortion exhibits to what degree that the anti-life movement will go to encourage women not to choose, but to in fact have more abortions.  N.O.W put this on a display for all of America for weeks, highlighting their desire to force abortions on women and to keep women in the dark about the adverse effects of abortions on them, or their alternatives.  What better P.R. for the forces of good?

N.O.W. foolishly went on record saying that CBS, which aired the ad, was “offering one of the most coveted advertising spots of the year to an anti-equality, anti-choice, homophobic organization” and  “CBS is aligning itself with a political stance that will damage its reputation, alienate viewers, and discourage consumers from supporting its shows and advertisers.”  Yeah, that whole “celebrate life” bit was definitely over the line.  What hate!  The nerve!  Further, N.O.W. went on the blather that “an ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year — an event designed to bring Americans together.”  Mm’hmm.  N.O.W. petitioned CBS frequently to pull the ad.

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. Deuteronomy 30:19

On Sunday, I watched alongside non-political friends gathered to watch the game, eagerly waiting to see just what the Tebows could possibly say that was so controversial.  After the ad finished, party goers, to the man (and woman) stared at each other in disbelief.  “THAT was controversial?” and “That couldn’t have been the ad” were the most common refrain I heard.  If N.O.W. hadn’t opened it’s big liberal mouth and the viewer didn’t know what Focus On the Family, the sponsor, was (and half of the party-goers didn’t), then it is highly likely the viewers wouldn’t have even known what the ad was about.  The ad’s innocuousness bordered on hilarity.  This exposed the radical nature of these now fringe pro-abortion groups and the shrillness of the opposition to the pro-life movement and showed just why the majority of the American public now opposes abortion and views it as the national holocaust that it is.  On this Super Bowl ad, it is N.O.W. that fumbled.

On the other hand, party-goers were treated to watching a dull ad encouraging everyone to fill out their census reports, sponsored by the U.S. Census Bureau, fall absolutely flat.  Disappointed perhaps by yet another poor comedic showing this year by advertisers, it was a minute or so before we realized that the ad was “paid for by the U.S. Census Bureau”!  Hey, that means us!  Upon inspection, I found that the ad cost the U.S. government $2.5 million of our Chinese borrowed funds.

$340 million on T.V. ads? Is this what our tax dollars go toward?

With a budget deficit exceeding $1.75 trillion, the budget’s title “A New Era of Responsibility: Renewing America’s Promise” seems like a cruel joke.  I checked U.S. Census Bureau information, and the $2.5 million it spent on that single ad paled in comparison to the $340 million of our grandchildren’s retirement that they are spending on T.V. ads.  Horrifyingly, the U.S. Census Bureau is spending $13 billion on a public information program about the census.  Am I wrong, or is it too much to ask for people to know what to do with a mailer from the federal government which tells you exactly what to do?  Without $13 billion?  I know it is getting so ridiculous that $13 billion seems a pittance, but Barack Obama recently made hay in the State of the Union over his Administration whacking $20 billion from the budget!

To date, inquiries about the nature of this waste of ad space to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Charlotte Office have gone unanswered–though I will keep this updated.  Needless to say, party goers were outraged by this blatant waste of  U.S. taxpayer dollars.  In fact, some quick math reveals that each individual tax payer’s share of this ad blitz stands at $96.74.  For what?  Truly, Super Bowl Sunday revealed for all of America the paranoia of the radical feminists who treat abortions as a sacrament and has shown what the truly controversial Super Bowl ad should be.  Yet another massive display of government waste.

David Teesdale, is glad that the horrific trend of talking animals abated somewhat this year during the commercial segments of the Super Bowl.  He particularly enjoyed the “Little Kiss” commercial, the ninja star Doritos commercial, and his favorite, the Brett Favre ad, for whatever it was.  What was yours?  Comment below.

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