Beau Knows.

Beau knows Beau. Beau knows nepotism. Beau knows when the gettin' is good.

What could be worse for Democrats in 2009 than losing Teddy Kennedy’s former Senate seat in Massachusetts? Well, losing Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s Senate seats in 2010, by golly. After Democrats’ stunning defeat in the bay state, two other liberal enclaves are set to release the sitting president and vice-president’s seats Congress.

Popular sentiment is rising against Democrats at unprecedented levels and prominent Democrats are starting to feel the heat. Liberals like Harry Reid, Evan Bayh, Mary Landrieu, Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln and Arlen Specter are already looking to have their tickets punched in a big way come November. Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan saw the writing on the wall, and are stepping down rather than face the political guillotine this fall. Other potential Democrat nominees, from Marion Barry to Beau Biden are starting to abandon ship as well.

Todd Thompson for the score

Thanks to Todd Thompson for the inspiration

Beau Biden was the heir apparent to the seat vacated by Joe Biden. This has been Beau’s seat for a decade or more. A placeholder has even been appointed in his stead. The stage was set for Beau to assume his dad’s seat in Delaware this year, finally.  However, the aspiring Senator who looks suspiciously like Andy Bernard from ‘The Office’ has decided not to even run. Biden has seen the writing on the proverbial wall, and it reads like an embarrassing defeat.  Can you say a Republican Senator in Massachusetts AND Delaware?

In Illinois, Republican Mark Kirk is tied with his Democrat foe Alexi Giannasphalalealeapupis in the race to fill Obama’s seat in the Illinois political machine. If Massachusetts was a body blow to Democrat electoral hopes, losing contested seats in Illinois and Delaware vacated by the current presidential administration would be a knock out. Beau knows. And that’s why Beau is bowing out now.

David Teesdale would like to remind everyone that wayyyy back in February of 2009 he said the stimulus would not cost just $789 million.  $867 billion and counting…

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