Lessons To Be Learned From the R.M.S. Titanic

The problem that sank the R.M.S. Titanic in 1912 is the same problem present in liberal economic schemes in the United States today.

In 1912 the R.M.S. Titanic, to the world’s wonder, slipped to the bottom of the sea off of the coast of Newfoundland crippled, torn, and twisted.  The greatest ship the world had ever known became a tomb for all those unfortunate souls (approximately 1,500) who couldn’t escape on the scant lifeboats available.  The problem with the R.M.S. Titanic, aside from being steered at a dangerous speed through iceberg-laden waters without an adequate number of lifeboats, was that the ship’s hull, (divided into compartments in order to prevent the entire ship from filling with water if one or two of the compartments were to breach–making the ship, in theory, “unsinkable”), was gashed irreparably.

Conventional wisdom among liberals today is that, like those compartments in the titanic, if American success and failure is tied together, that when American A fails, there are always American B, C, and D to keep American A afloat. This is all well and good if everyone succeeds; works hard, and honestly contributes to society. If even a small number of compartments are breached in American society, all is not lost. The successful compartments, though slowed, will keep the moochers and looters afloat.

However, human nature is such that when we are not pushed to succeed, many will not. As we inch closer and closer to a majority of Americans living, to some degree, off of their successful neighbors, our hull breaches are reaching critical mass. Today America is twisting and creaking. As with the tragedy of the Titanic, when over half of our compartmentalized hulls are breached by sloth, the safety valves of producers that liberals have counted on for the last fifty plus years will no longer matter. Liberals plan on always having another pocket to pick, since America is the unsinkable superpower.  That plan is foolish. A party which plays to a society with a majority of moochers will find permanent electoral success but America will violently be destroyed, and far more people will be hurt as this ship sinks. The only question is: Where are our lifeboats?

David Teesdale, thinks that the only enjoyable part of James Cameron’s Titanic was when Leonardo DiCraprio (no typo) got the Vaudeville hook.

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