A Form Letter for America’s Youth

Dear Mom and Dad,

First of all, thank you for raising me to be an open-minded, independent thinker. I appreciate you reminding me to form my opinions not solely on what is fed to me at home or in school, but to formulate my ideas on the basis of personal research. It is for that reason that I am officially and respectfully separating myself from you in the realm of political ideals.

You both are baby-boomers, and were kids in the late 60’s, early 70’s. Peace, love, and marijuana was your generation’s mantra. The belief that it is possible for the world to unite in a gainful harmony and live happily together reigned in the hearts of many of your peers. Mom, you grew up hearing stories of Grandma fighting for the right to wear pants to school and work outside of the home, and you are a feminist yourself. You were so proud when Roe was victorious in ’73. Dad, the stories that your dad shared about the Vietnam War are still horrifying to this day, and you are anti-war to your core.

Now, in 2010, you and your former hippie contemporaries are in charge of the government. You are in both Houses of Congress, state and local legislatures, governorships, and even in the office of president of the United States. You are in the majority, you are liberal, and you are bankrupting our country.

When I was younger, I believed you when you said that it was the government’s responsibility to help the poor. In high school, I always took the democratic side in government class debates, and I remember saying things like, “Tax-cuts for the rich will never solve the poverty problem.” In college, I wrote a paper about America’s future if we don’t provide health care to everybody. Now I am an adult, working in the “real-world,” and I pay taxes. And I am learning what is happening to my tax dollars, and I am learning about the government’s deficit and how we are moving toward socialism, and frankly I am worried.

Dad, Mom, you have big hearts and want to help people, and so do I. I would love for a country without hunger, homelessness, and hurt. I think it is important to care for others, but taking money from some to give to the poor is not the answer.  Taking money forcefully from the productive people of society to give freely to unproductive people creates a nation of people who think that they deserve to live without being productive themselves. By creating programs like welfare and with the looming possibility of free health care, we are in fact creating more poor people. If this happens long enough, there will be no people left who will work to create jobs. And there will be no more money to take from the ‘rich.’

So in closing, I have one small request. If you continue to vote for people set on creating programs to increase the public’s reliance on government and to decrease their productivity, there will probably be enough money to last for the rest of your lives, but not mine. So please, when you are out throwing money around on “shovel-ready jobs” or making America “green,” will you remember me? Will you save some money for me to pay back all of the debt you accrued? My generation will have a lot of work to rebuild what has been lost, and any amount would be appreciated.


Your Son or Daughter

Katie Teesdale, is a coordinator for a not-for profit in Knoxville, Tennessee and is very clearly the beauty and the brains behind her husband.  She in fact teaches parenting classes, so she knows her stuff.  Her parents are not targeted by this letter, so feel free to send it to your hippie-liberal parents, or comment below.

4 Responses to A Form Letter for America’s Youth

  1. Stela says:

    So, now I know that you don’t actually form your own opinions, you get them from other equally delusional sociopaths who believe that, even though our constitution calls to provide for the “common welfare”, that it isn’t my or your responsibility to use tax dollars to help our fellow Americans who need the help of those who have a little more.

    I can think of no better way to use my tax dollars. Not on wars, not on bail-outs, not on pay raises for senators, but to help other people who are less fortunate than myself.

    My opinion is that your opinion is soul-less and therefore invalid.
    But thanks for sharing your load of selfish crap!

  2. Stela says:

    Also, now that’s off my chest, I’m going to say that one of the things that makes our country so great is that we are all entitled to our own opinions.
    But, please do not spew your vitriol on my blog. Nothing you could say would ever change my mind. And likening using tax dollars as aid for those who need it to slavery is over-the-top extreme. Statements like that will never get you taken seriously.
    If you agree to drive on roads, use the post office, accept social security benefits etc, does that make you a slave? Because the argument is the same.
    I would think someone who has been or is a slave would laugh in your face at that comment and its ignorance.

  3. ubii2001 says:

    Hi Stela,

    Thank you for your comment. I am not sure who you are or that you had a blog.
    In any case, my point was that I don’t think people should be forced to pay taxes at all. I think that we have a lot of problems today due to high taxes to corporations and “rich people.”
    It is a simple error to make to think that people who have more money “wouldn’t miss it,” so why not just take it from them? Well that may work for a little while, but the people who are constantly being asked to give more and more get tired of it. They are not able to reinvest their wealth to grow their businesses and jobs are lost.
    Meanwhile, the recipients of this forced generosity begin to expect it. They believe it is their right to have what they are unable to work for and end up not working at all. Why work when you get paid not to?
    I believe as an individual that it is right and good to give to those who need help. But as an individual I believe it is not right to force others to do so.

    This makes sense to me,

  4. ubii2001 says:


    Thanks for visiting my blog! If you had read any of my articles, aside from probably enjoying them, you would know that I believe in personal generosity. I do not believe in taking money from other people based on what you perceive as someone else’s “need.”

    What is need, Stela? Who determines need? And why do you have a right to vote to take my or anyone else’s life and time? Because that is what money represents. Work. And an ascribed amount of a person’s time based upon how much their work is valued. So, yes, when the government forces individuals to work to give others money to do with as they please, for unconstitutional purposes, that is by definition, forced labor, and, slavery. Consider two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner and you get the idea. Just because 50% plus one decide they want more of Bill Gates’ money doesn’t make it right.

    We can agree that bailouts and corporate welfare are an unconstitutional form of government oppression. Wars, however, are specifically in the purview of the Fed, according to the Constitution. So are the post office and roads. Social Security is not. Says so right in Federalist No. 41. In fact, Madison goes on to detail just how the general welfare clause does not empower the Fed to any powers that are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution already. That means none of that stuff you just implied was constitutional.

    As for being selfish, I can’t judge you, but studies show that liberals and folks who espouse your views tend to give significantly less to charity, and to volunteer less–and they seem to be less happy, to boot. I’m not going to get into who is more generous than who–I appreciate you reading my blog–if you feel so inclined, though, you can throw a few dollars toward Haiti relief through the link on the main page, and God bless.


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