A Dusting in Tennessee: Please Flee in an Orderly Manner

See the green on the sides of the road? A dusting of snow has closed the Gay Street Bridge in Knoxville and caused a littany of accidents. A twenty minute drive just took me an hour. I knew driving was bad in the south, but this settles it--southerners may in fact be worse than Massachusetts drivers. Learn to drive!

Defcon 5 here in Tennessee as a full quarter inch of snow piles up all around Knoxville.  Roads are closed and traffic is destroyed and wreckage is everywhere.  A ‘dusting’ in New York, where I am from, requires snow tires, a snow blower, and a fire brigade of shovelers to remove you from your driveway.  In Tennessee, a dusting is barely visible and wrecks death and destruction on a mass scale.  Call in the National Guard.

Earlier today, I watched with great amusement as one four wheel drive vehicle started up the hill by my house, and after two minutes, turned around and gave up.  Another four wheel drive vehicle stopped and stared at the hill for another minute.  I turned my 4 cylinder Ford Fusion with two wheel drive around as well.  I drove 30 yards, turned around again, and gunned it past the awe struck southerner, up the snow dusted hill, and safely home.  And that, my friends, is how the South lost the Civil War.

One Response to A Dusting in Tennessee: Please Flee in an Orderly Manner

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