Land of the Looters, Home of the Depraved

It is official.  The state of California is an exporter of terrorism.  A pre-emptive invasion should follow shortly.  Newly minted Nevadan, Johnny Lee Wicks, apparently disgruntled that his freebies and alms received from the state of Nevada would not equal that of the welfare state-in-chief, California, filed suit to recoup his unearned income that he was no longer entitled to.  The Las Vegas judge rebuffed his claim, and then the classic “he said, he said, and then he went crazy” ensued.  Wicks opened fire in the courthouse, killing one and wounding another.  Is this what our country has come to?  Looters openly resorting to violence to achieve their ends?  Nah, but the culture being cultivated today is such that ignorant dole-mites feel so entitled to others’ incomes they’ll open fire on innocents when they are cut off.  Sick.  And, telling.

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