The Unhappiest State in America

New York, as if there was any question about it, is the unhappiest state in America, according to a recent study done by researchers at the University of Warwick in the U.K. and Hamilton College (Clinton, NY).  As anyone who knows me, or has read the title of my blog is already well aware, I have been preaching in the wilderness about my harrowing escape for the North.  Researchers at Hamilton College, selflessly discovered exactly what I’ve been saying for years.  Published in the journal Science, their results listing the happiest states in America are as follows:

  1. Louisiana
  2. Hawaii
  3. Florida
  4. Tennessee
  5. Arizona
  6. Mississippi
  7. Montana
  8. South Carolina
  9. Alabama
  10. Maine
  11. Alaska
  12. North Carolina
  13. Wyoming
  14. Idaho
  15. South Dakota
  16. Texas
  17. Arkansas
  18. Vermont
  19. Georgia
  20. Oklahoma
  21. Colorado
  22. Delaware
  23. Utah
  24. New Mexico
  25. North Dakota
  26. Minnesota
  27. New Hampshire
  28. Virginia
  29. Wisconsin
  30. Oregon
  31. Iowa
  32. Kansas
  33. Nebraska
  34. West Virginia
  35. Kentucky
  36. Washington
  37. District of Columbia
  38. Missouri
  39. Nevada
  40. Maryland
  41. Pennsylvania
  42. Rhode Island
  43. Massachusetts
  44. Ohio
  45. Illinois
  46. California
  47. Indiana
  48. Michigan
  49. New Jersey
  50. Connecticut
  51. New York

The mainstream media have reported the reason as being that sunny, outdoorsy states influence the mood of its residents.  Of course, astute politicos may also have noticed a correlation between the unhappy states and those that trend blue on electoral maps.  Montana, that oasis of tropical delight ranks 7th happiest, and Maine and Alaska are 10th and 11th most happiest. California is the 6th unhappiest state.  That would blow up the idea that its all about the sun and fun, if it were ever reported in any of the articles:

“Sunshine States Are Happiest, Study Shows” -MSNBC

“People in Sunny, Outdoorsy States Happiest” – Shrevport Times

Of course the level of taxation and generally unhappy and crotchety liberals couldn’t have anything to do with it–people unfulfilled by their choice in lifestyle?  Nah–must be all those beaches in Alaska…  I have taken the liberty of using the results of the last 3 presidential elections to color you all a wonderful list to demonstrate this. If you will note the number of blue states in my list above which are edgy and emo (purple) and contrast with the happily (yellow) red states, it becomes clear that sun has little to do with your outlook on life–your outlook on life does–and it also determines who you vote for.  For those of you who still are not believers, if you consider the map below, where I consider the bottom 50% of states to be “unhappy,” or purple:

Liberals are decidedly unhappy!  Could this be because they tend to embrace hedonism, serial monogamy and selfishness of all sorts?  Judging by the unhappy states on that map, quite possibly.  But I contend that this correlation is more about how much liberals volunteer and donate to charity.  Charitable giving is a surefire way to increase one’s personal happiness, as studies show that this decreases depression and lowers the risk of heart attacks.  Something tells me stealing money through the tax code does not work that way.  New York also comes in 50th in the nation, by far in the rate of volunteering.  And, a study by Arthur C. Brooks of Syracuse University (NY again!) shows that conservative philanthropists are more charitable than liberals, by quite a bit.  Oddly enough, my own research has revealed that my theory is shared by Dr. Brooks.

David Teesdale, is a very happy man–and not because he lives in one of the happiest states in America–he has a beautiful wife, great friends, and annoyingly cute Wiener dogs.

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