On Bi-Partisanship

Colin Powell (D- NY) Powell is pro-choice, supports “reasonable” gun-control legislation, and has noted that “Americans want to pay more taxes for services. Americans are looking for more government, not less.” Powell is on record having voted for JFK, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama.

There is no such thing as bi-partisanship, really. There is liberal and there is conservative, and a sliding scale in between the two based upon one’s assumptions about the nature of man, rights and laws. Bi-partisanship is a concoction conjured up by those on the Left who want those who wouldn’t ordinarily assent to radical changes, to do so with fervor, and to gain the support of those on the Right or in the ever-elusive “middle” who want to please everyone. The notion of bi-partisanship is buttressed incessantly by a complicit media.

The thing about the mainstream media, though, is that they pour out adulation for the likes of ultra-leftist Ned Lamont when he ran against Joe Lieberman (D) in 2006, while simultaneously celebrating as “mavericks” and “moderates” the likes of Jim Jeffords and admitted opportunist Arlen Specter,

who both defected from the GOP to become swing votes in the U.S. Senate for Democrats. And, of course, the media adores Colin Powell, who endorsed Obama and has never really held an elected office but somehow still manages to be referred to as one of the most important leaders of a Republican Party which he neither endorsed, nor campaigned for, nor voted for in 2008–and which has a party platform with which he holds virtually nothing in common . Someone Powell does resemble in ideology, however, is Democrat Joe Lieberman.

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) Has only voted with he Senate Republican colleagues 59% of the time. Bi-Partisanship: (n) 1-The state of being willing to compromise your principles, and in lieu of a sound decision, make a series of flawed ones. 2-When used by liberals, means adopting their viewpoints. In this usage, not adopting the premise of liberal arguments is viewed as ‘divisive’. See also the term Cowboy politics, used from 1981-1989 and from 2001-2009.

The various media, however, have railed against Lieberman as a turn-coat because of his support of the Iraq War and the War on Terror. His party endorsed another candidate for his Senate seat in 2006 and in 2008 very nearly threw Lieberman out of their caucus, despite the stubborn fact that in spite Lieberman’s support of the Iraq War, he is still just as liberal as any other Senate Democrat, holding the line on all of the items on the Democrats’ social and economic agendas. In fact, it would not even be accurate to hold Lieberman up as a “moderate.” However, when compared to Powell, Lieberman is pariah and Powell is the statesman. Lieberman never forsook the Democrat Party, but they did him. Why is this?

What becomes overwhelmingly clear is that what makes you “bi-partisan,” is the extent to which you adopt Democrat Party platforms and policies in pursuit of said spirit. Being a Democrat and toeing the party line alone is enough to qualify you as being “bi-partisan.” Opposing your own party is only acceptable if you are a Republican throwing his or her values and peers under the bus.

When Democrats and moderates finally get the very candidates they fawn over incessantly; the John McCains, Bob Doles and Colin Powells, they without fail will vote for the purest liberal rather than the so called “moderates,” opting for Bill Clintons and Barack Obamas. Of course, when the political winds shift, and Republicans, who for too long have kowtowed to Democrats and “moderated” in the hopes of appealing to a “bigger tent,” the politicians who are most voted out of office were not the conservative candidates, but the liberal ones; who serve in the most liberal districts–Lincoln Chafee, Arlen Specter, etc. These bi-partisan pawns do not reap anything for their efforts except for a one-way ticket out of town, validated by their liberal constituents. On the other hand, when (mostly) conservative candidates are brought forth and articulate conservatism, liberal opposition is futile, as with Ronald Reagan, Bobby Jindal, and George W. Bush. There is always room for debate within the conservative movement, but never about the value of conservatism in advancing conservatism. That is absurd and amounts to nothing more than sophistry and opportunism. That may be good enough for Democrats, but not Republicans.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) Supports the Iraq War and War on Terror, but on social matters, is ranked by the National Journal as more liberal than 14 other Senate Democrats including Sen. Harry Reid. Economically, Lieberman is ranked more liberal than 20 other Democrat Senators. Lieberman received 0 ratings from both the American ConservativeUnion and Christian Coalition, received an ‘F’ from the NRA and received a 100 rating from Planned Parenthood and an 83 from the ACLU.

Have you ever had a ‘friend’ who was always asking for money, using the rationale that since you are close–and if the tables were turned he or she would do it for you in a second–and by golly, they would pay you back? The notion of bi-partisanship is, and always will be, the statist’s way of coercing a one-way street of complacency when they wish to ram their agenda through and into law. If conservatives are to regain control of this out-of-control carnival ride, they need to stop ceding political capital, legislation and appointments in the name of “getting something done,” and start acting like what they hopefully are–conservatives. You aren’t going to be paid back. Time to stand up for yourselves.

David Teesdale, when not ensuring your national security, moonlights here as a blog-artist. When not moonlighting here at The Exile, David moonlights as a caped crusader in a fictional metropolis made up of inordinate numbers of criminals, super-villians, miscreants and liberals. His water-fowl inspired moniker and his lone vulnerability are redacted here to protect the world.  Contact him at david.evans.teesdale@gmail.com to send comments and praises.  Criticism can be directed to the waste-paper basket.

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